Functional Training

Functional Training

Functional Training is designed to train you through all three planes of movement in order to help it cope with the day to day stresses we place on our body.

Functional Training achieves a metabolic training effect which helps us strip body fat and get lean; get an intense cardiovascular workout which will help improve our aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, train for sports specific fitness, help in injury prevention and injury rehabilitation, help improve posture, help improve our function and ability to perform everyday tasks.

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Using Suspension Training, Kettlebells, Vipr’s, Medicine Balls and Bodyweight exercises our Coaches will take you through the fundamentals of Functional Training. Using this type of exercise you will see improvements in joint mobility and stability, strength and will also greatly assist weight loss.

Our bodies are designed to move, not to sit slumped over a computer all day. Functional training focuses on training movement patterns rather than isolating individual muscles. If you spend most of your working day sat down in the office, sitting on the chest press machine at the gym is probably counter productive.

Functional training helps to correct bad posture and muscle imbalances caused by the daily grind, stressful jobs and hectic lifestyles. They provide fantastic fat burning workouts, by using full body exercises that improve strength, endurance and boost metabolism, not wasting a minute of your session.

Every session includes flexibility, mobility, core stability, balance and strength training principles to keep your body constantly challenged in all areas of a strong healthy and vibrant body.

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