What Makes You Move?

Aspirations determine the way people live and move. Everyone is motivated by something; the desire to look and feel better, sport performance or for health & happiness.

Traditionally, exercise in general is based on the physical training goals of participants, often ignoring the underlying motives of people; their aspirations.


To help identify our members Aspirations, this innovative, evidence-based* questionnaire was created – the Aspiration Finder.


“I want to be active and healthy. I exercise to improve my everyday wellbeing”.


“I am looking for relaxation from a tense and stressful life. I exercise to achieve a mind, body balance”.


“I enjoy meeting people and trying something new. Having fun makes me feel alive”.


“Physical presence is a key ingredient of success. I exercise to look strong and powerful”.


“Looking good is what makes me feel good. I exercise to burn calories, manage my weight, and tone my body”.


“Sport is not only my passion, it’s my second life. I exercise indoor and outdoor to improve my sport performance”.

Classes to Make You Move!


*IULM University of Milan did an extensive research to clarify what a person motivates to do physical exercise. More than 10.000 fitness members coming from three different countries (Italy, Netherlands and UK) were examined with a questionnaire including more than 90 questions about their personality and lifestyle.

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