Stephen Aucott

As part of a £500k gym refurbishment the entire cardio area has been upgraded to the latest Technogym experience and we have also launched a range of small group classes for SkillRow, SkillBike, GroupCycle and SkillRun as part of the biggest change to gym floor training in 25 years. 

Alongside these new small group classes, the new Technogym Climb, SkillMill and the latest versions of Synchro and Vario. 


This is for the serious cyclists and brings Technogym into the sphere of Watt Bike in terms of monitoring and feedback. We will also be launching brand new SkillBike classes, which will bring all your training into a group session and allow you to compete with each other on the TV screen.


The SkillRun treadmills look and feel very different to the standard version. They will be set in a group of 8 and we will be running specific Small Group Training Sessions on the gym floor. When classes are not running these treadmills offer you the ability to link with your Strava runs to recreate them on the treadmills.


SkillROW sees Technogym taking the rowing experience to a totally new level. Six years in the making and with input from Olympic rowers to ensure it’s accuracy and smoothness, the SkillROW will become an instant addition to your workouts.

With SkillROW classes taking place on the gym floor and the ability to challenge yourself as an individual, in pairs or fours, the interaction and enjoyment these 15 minute classes will be unrivalled for rowing.


In addition to the new cardio area, we have also replaced all of our Spin bikes to the very latest Technogym Group Cycles. They are incredibly smooth and now link to your training via the Wellness Key or Wellness App so you can record all of your sessions!

SkillRow App


SKILLROW APP tracks your results and gives you a real-time overview of your rowing performances. You can analyse the angle of the oar and monitor the power, cadence, peak force and length of your stroke. SKILLROW APP offers a simple and intuitive feedback to help you improve your results.

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As part of a £500k gym refurbishment the entire cardio area has been upgraded to the latest Technogym experience and we have also launched a range […]
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