The Comeback Starts Now

Comeback to your friends, comeback to your favourite coaches and instructors.

Make the time for you again and comeback to your happy place. Your health has never been so important to you and your family and we look forward to supporting you to make your comeback.

The Odyssey Health Club & Spa Team

Our COVID-19 Strategy

We have made huge changes to the way we operate our club to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, and as such we want you to feel confident to make your comeback to Odyssey Heath Club.


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We understand that you might have some questions about what we’re changing and how this affects your experience here at the club. Please read our FAQs at the bottom of this page and feel free to get in touch with any other questions you may have via our contact form.


You will notice that some of the equipment has been taken out of use to ensure correct social distancing guidelines, and that the layout of the gym has changed slightly.

Most importantly, you will be required to wipe each piece of kit and equipment that you have used with the spray and cloth that you will be provided with.

Please note that sweat towels will not permitted and that you will be required to bring a waterbottle to drink from rather than drinking directly from the water fountains.


You will not be required to book your time in the pool, however social distancing will be in place and numbers in the Aquacise classes will be slightly reduced.

Our pool capacity is 33 people with 8 people allowed per lane. Please remain 3m away from the swimmer in front of you at all times.

For more information, please read our COVID-19 Pool Information here.


Class numbers in our studios have been reduced to comply with social distancing guidelines, however we are lucky that we have so much space available to utilise. This means that classes will be spread out over the site allowing you to comeback to your favourite classes and instructors.

Please note that we are taking a phased approach to opening so not all classes will be available immediately.


Tennis bookings are available to all members and our usual rules around guests apply (must be checked in at reception).

Please also note that we will be unable to provide equipment to use on court, and that social distancing guidelines will still apply outside.

New Membership

If you are interested in joining the club, or you know someone that is, please contact the membership team to arrange the next steps. We would love to invite you into the club and show you everything that we have available.


From the 12th April, various take away beverages will be available, however no seating will be allowed until the next phase of opening (currently the 17th May).


Following guidance issued from the government, we will re-open the club and Spa from the 12th April 2021. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing you all very soon. Information will be available via the website, our app, and social media beforehand to explain what your options are for when we re-open.

No. The maximum capacity of the clubs main building is over 240 people (including staff) which we would struggle to reach at our busiest times pre-COVID. Rest assured that if we do start to reach these levels then we will put a system in place to keep us in-line with government guidelines.

We have also taken steps to utilise the bowls building and other spaces available onsite to minimise contamination risk.

When we do reopen, to ensure that our members can maintain a safe distance from each other whilst working out, we will have moved some equipment, and put others out of action. Whilst we will have less equipment and machines to use whilst we help maintain social distancing measures, we have done our best to keep as much kit in use as possible.

The safety of our staff and members is our primary objective.

We are following the advice of national and international health services as well as that of Government in reopening our gyms and have put additional measures in place to ensure that our members and team members are safe. This includes limited number of people in the gym at any one-time, reduced equipment available to help ensure social distancing can be practiced, and providing additional cleaning and hygiene equipment for our members to use. By combining our safety measures and being consistent with our approach, we dramatically reduce any risks faced from COVID-19, giving you the confidence to make your comeback.

Please check the timetable or Odyssey App for capacity.

Our ventilation systems provide 100% fresh air and do not recirculate air from one space to another. We will also keep all windows and doors open where it is operationally safe and sensible to do so.

We will open the sauna and steam rooms in-line with government guidelines – this is currently stated as 17th May 2021. There will be no need to book to use the pool, however strict social distancing measures will be in place.

The sauna is limited to a maximum 5 people and steam room limited to 4 people.

We will reintroduced our café bar experience at the earliest opportunity, allowing you to enjoy a coffee in the courtside seating. We understand that socialising with your friends is a huge reason why you are a member of Odyssey Health Club & Spa, and we’ve worked hard to help you build those friendships.

Please check for the current rules and guidance around social gathering and support bubbles.

We will have a limited number of lockers avaialable so we ask you to please keep your personal belongings to a minimum when visiting the club, and to come ready to exercise and to shower at home where possible.

Please note, all lockers will be cleared out and items desposed of on a nightly basis.

Every member will be required to use their own TGS key. If you have lost or forgotten yours then you will be required to purchase a new one at £10.00 as guest keys will not be available.

Yes, please follow the signs around the club to direct you which route to use. Please note, the nearest set of stairs to the reception are for walking DOWN from the gym, and the far end set of stairs outside the ladies changing rooms are for walking UP the the gym.

We will accept cash for certain products and services, however please do use either our cashless system by topping up your e-wallet in your member portal, or use contactless card payments where possible.

You must bring a waterbottle to drink from as you will not be able to drink directly from the water-fountains around the club, however you can use them to top up your bottle.

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