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Personal Training

The top five reasons why our clients choose PT: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Health Related Issues, Motivation and Commitment. Choose from a range of Personal Training packages, and other 1:1 sessions today.

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Technogym Biostrength

We are excited to announce the introduction of the new Technogym Biostrength to Odyssey Health Club.

This revolutionary new technology uses aerospace-grade engineering and artificial intelligence to provide you with the most effective and personalized strength training experience possible.

Technogym Cardio Suite

Fitness is at the heart of the club and with over 100 stations to choose from, we can be as varied with your exercise as your need. Our cardio section has a large variety of the latest from Technogym including the SKILLRUN, SKILLBIKE, SKILLROW, Artis CLIMB, Artis Vario, Excite TOP MED, and more.

We’ll cover the functionality of the equipment, whilst building the best cardio programme for the results you want, in your first induction.

Weights & Functional Area

We encourage everyone to use our large weights area, whether you’ve been lifting for years or have no experience at all. Weights are a great way to lose body fat and tone up. We’ll cover this as part of your second induction.

Our functional area can help you to correct bad posture and muscle imbalances caused by the daily grind, stressful jobs and hectic lifestyles. Including TRX, Core Moment Trainers, kettlebells, plyo-boxes, battleropes and much more, this area is perfect for you to achieve your results.

Stretching & Floor Exercises

Stretching after a workout can reduce muscle fatigue as well as help your muscles to recover faster after a hard gym session. Stretching is also a great way to improve flexibility and range of motion. You’ll find plenty of stretching areas around the gym floor.

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