SkillRUN - From Sleds to Sprints

We thought we knew our treadmills, but we've had to change our mind with SkillRUN...

Offering a wide range of training options, speeds, programmes, feedback and techniques, the SkillRUN is going to revolutionise your treadmill sessions.

Forget the single pace plodding, you can now push sleds, run with parachutes, sprint, gradient change fast than ever and put it all together in our fantastic 30 minute SkillRUN Classes.


SkillBIKE - Shift to Real Riding

We are one of the first clubs in the UK to take delivery of the new SkillBIKE range and it promises to tickle the spd's of all our cycling enthusiasts in the club.

With the ability to use your own rides (from Strava) on the bikes to recreate your training, join in our small group session training sessions or experience some of the worlds most famous stages on our themed events, we're sure you're going to love SkillBIKE.


SKILLROW - Fluid Training

SkillROW sees Technogym taking the rowing experience to a totally new level. Six years in the making and with input from Olympic rowers to ensure it's accuracy and smoothness, the SkillROW will become an instant addition to your workouts.

With SKILLROW classes taking place on the gym floor and the ability to challenge yourself as an individual, in pairs or fours, the interaction and enjoyment these 15 minute classes will be unrivalled for rowing.



We've been waiting for a decent stepper since the days of the Technogym have really delivered with their latest incarnation - CLIMB.

Climb will forever change the nature of stair climbing, making it so easy that first-timers will love it and so challenging that advanced users will face their toughest test ever.

Ever-changing landscapes inspire you and help you get the most out of your training. Join your friends and workout together.



Download the My Wellness App from Technogym

Train with the mywellness app, collect MOVEs, and get more and more active every day. MOVEs measure movement: every movement you do generates MOVEs. An example: running for 10 minutes at low intensity accumulates about 200 MOVEs. Moreover, MOVEs scores are independent of body weight, so they are a better way of comparing your activity levels with that of your friends. Sign in with your Technogym account directly on the machines and train with the best exercise programs.

You can also log MOVEs manually via the mywellness app or sync with other apps such as Apple Health, Fitbit, Garmin, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Polar, RunKeeper, Strava and Swimtag.


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