• 3.1 Membership of the Club shall consist of Full and other such categories of membership as The Club shall from time to time determine.

    (a) Single membership category often referred to as the head or main member


    3.3 Members shall be over 18 years of age or under at the discretion of the Management

    3.4 Applications for all categories of membership must be on the forms provided for that purpose and must be signed by the applicant for Membership. Candidates may be subject to an interview.

    3.5 The provision of fraudulent information to obtain a specific category of membership will result in immediate cancellation of the member’s membership.

    3.6 Acceptance of Membership is at the sole discretion of the Club who need not give reasons for refusing an application for Membership.

    3.7 The Club reserves the right to reject an application or refuse admission without any reason for doing so.

    3.8 When the Joining Fee of an applicant has been paid and his or her application for Membership has been accepted by The Club, he or she will become a Member of the Club and will be entitled to all privileges of Membership and shall be bound by the Club Rules.

    3.9 Membership of the club is not transferable



    4.2. Joining and subscription fees shall be fixed by the Club and may be altered at any time. Members will not be notified by post of any changes in the fees prior to the date of alteration. Details of the Club facilities for which tariff charges will be made will be available, together with the level of such tariff charge at the Club main reception, and may be altered at any time. Members will be notified of such changes in the tariff changes at least 14 days prior to the tariff alteration.

    4.3. Upon registration as a Member, a Joining Fee is payable to the Club, which shall under no circumstances be refundable. If a Member (for whatever reason) ceases to be a member and then rejoins then he or she shall be liable to pay the remaining Joining Fee upon re-joining.

    4.4. In addition to the Joining Fee an annual subscription fee shall be payable by or on behalf of each Member which shall be due and payable upon joining and upon each anniversary of the Member’s joining date in full. Alternatively should you wish to pay your Subscription Fee by monthly payments you must pay every month in advance. There must be six full membership payments made to complete your initial term and then monthly thereafter. However please note that whichever method of payment you choose, the Subscription Fee for the first 6 months after you join is not refundable.


    Payment of Fees

    4.5 Subscription Fees shall be paid in full in advance or by such other method or arrangement as the Club may decide from time to time including but not limited to monthly variable Direct Debit.

    4.6 In the event of the failure of any payment by a Member by variable Direct Debit the Club reserves the right (exercisable in addition to any other rights reserved in the Rules) to levy in respect of each such failure an administration charge. The current charge is £15 but may vary from time to time at the discretion of the Club.

    4.7 Notice will be given by the Club from time to time of the current tariff for all categories of membership and other session fees and services and will be displayed on a Noticeboard within the Club or be available upon application. Joining Fees and Subscription Fees are not refundable in any circumstances unless an express condition of use.

    4.8 The Club reserves the right to:

    (a) charge different fees for different categories of Membership and

    (b) vary the fee payable in respect of each category of Membership

    (c) charge a nominal amount should the club be closed for any reason


    9.1 Members may apply for the temporary suspension of their membership for a minimum period of one month but not more than three months. Suspensions will only be accepted for illness or injury and proof needs to be provided to be eligable. This suspension is at the discretion of the Club management and a suspension fee will be levied per calendar month. The remainder of the membership commitment must still be honoured once the suspension period is over. One months notice is required for all subscriptions.




    10.1 Membership is fixed for the agreed initial period; thereafter any members wishing to resign may do so by giving one calendar months notice in writing prior to the 1st on the Membership Cancellation Form. The member giving notice must continue to pay the subscription fees during the notice period and shall:

    (a) not be entitled to any refund of his or her Annual Subscription Fee and

    (b) be liable to pay forthwith such part of the Annual Subscription Fee for the then current year of membership that shall be unpaid

    (c) spend any e-wallet funds in their account prior to the cancellation date.


    10.2 Any member who:

    (a) fails to pay his or her Annual Subscription Fee or give an appropriate variable Direct Debit within one month of his or her joining or the date of renewal of his or her membership or

    (b) ceases to pay his or her monthly variable Direct Debit will be sent one written warning by the Club requesting payment and if 14 days after such warning the outstanding Subscription Fee has not been paid the Membership may be cancelled at the absolute discretion of the Club and all outstanding Annual Subscription Fees for the whole of the Members current membership year shall be forthwith due and payable.

    10.3 The Club reserves the right to refuse admission and/ or suspend and/ or expel any Member forthwith if:

    (a) In the opinion of the Club the Member is persistently in breach of the Rules or commits a single material breach of the rules

    (b) If a member is committed of any sexual, drugs related or other serious offence

    (c) The conduct of the Member might, in the reasonable opinion of the club, be injurious to the character, its staff or other interests of the club or the safety and enjoyment of the Membership or would otherwise render such Member unfit to associate with fellow Members.

    (d) The first Direct Debit of a new membership fails to be paid.

    10.4 A Member expelled forfeits all the privileges of Membership without claim for any refund of all or any part of their Joining Fee or Subscription.

    10.5 All monies held in your e-wallet must be spent prior to your termination date and cannot be transferred or refunded under any circumstances.