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Rules of Membership & Bye Laws


These rules and bye-laws (the “Rules” have been created in the interests of all Members to them enjoy the facilities offered by the Club in a healthy and safe environment. The objectives of the Club are the promotion of physical fitness, well-being and enjoyment in a sociable environment with the other advantages of the Club’s premises and facilities. Particulars of charges for Club facilities are not printed in these bye-laws as they may vary from time to time. Details of charges may be obtained from the Club reception or from Noticeboards with in the club.



1.1 The Club (Odyssey Knebworth Ltd) is managed by Odyssey Group Holdings Limited (Company), Old Knebworth Lane, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG2 8DU. Registration number 04940068

1.2 The Management shall maintain a list of members/ spa users, and their addresses and other financial information as approved under the Data Protection Act (1984) and in accordance with current GDPR regulations.




2.1 In these club rules the headings are for ease of reference only and shall not be taken into account in the interpretation of the rules

2.2 If any provision within these rules is declared illegal or otherwise unenforceable the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

2.3 In these Club Rules, words importing one gender include all other genders and words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa.


Club Rules

2.4 The Club reserves the right to vary the rights attached to any class of membership and to introduce other categories of membership having such rights as the Club in its absolute discretion may determine.

2.5 The Club may, from time to time,, vary and revoke the Rules and the Bye-Laws for the regulation of the affairs of the Club and shall provide notice of the same on a noticeboard in the club.

2.6 The Rules and Bye-Laws as from time to time in force are binding on the Members and their Guests

2.7 Any dispute or difference, which may arise with regard to the interpretation of these Rules shall be determined by the Club, whose decision will be final and binding on all Members. These Rules are subject to amendment by the Club.

This edition of the rules was issued on 1st October 2023.



3.1 Membership of the Club shall consist of Full Single Membership and other such categories of membership as The Club shall from time to time determine.

Single membership category often referred to as the head or main member

3.2 Members shall be over 18 years of age or under at the discretion of the Management

3.3 Applications for all categories of membership must be on the forms provided for that purpose and must be signed by the applicant for

3.4 Membership. Candidates may be subject to an interview.

3.5 The provision of fraudulent information to obtain a specific category of membership will result in immediate cancellation of the member’s membership.

3.6 Acceptance of Membership is at the sole discretion of the Club who need not give reasons for refusing an application for Membership.

3.7 The Club reserves the right to reject an application or refuse admission without any reason for doing so.

3.8 When the Joining Fee of an applicant has been paid and his or her application for Membership has been accepted by The Club, he or she will become a Member of the Club and will be entitled to all privileges of Membership and shall be bound by the Club Rules.

3.9 Membership of the club is not transferable

4.0 Guest passes will be issued to guests introduced by Full, Off Peak and Corporate Members in the manner prescribed in Rule 11.



4.2. Joining and subscription fees shall be fixed by the Club and may be altered at any time. Members will not be notified by post of any changes in the fees prior to the date of alteration. Details of the Club facilities for which tariff charges will be made will be available, together with the level of such tariff charge at the Club main reception, and may be altered at any time. Members will be notified of such changes in the tariff changes at least 14 days prior to the tariff alteration.

4.3. Upon registration as a Member, a Joining Fee is payable to the Club, which shall under no circumstances be refundable. If a Member (for whatever reason) ceases to be a member and then rejoins then he or she shall be liable to pay the remaining Joining Fee upon re-joining.

4.4. In addition to the Joining Fee an annual subscription fee shall be payable by or on behalf of each Member which shall be due and payable upon joining and upon each anniversary of the Member’s joining date in full. Alternatively should you wish to pay your Subscription Fee by monthly payments you must pay every month in advance. There must be six full membership payments made to complete your initial term and then monthly thereafter. However please note that whichever method of payment you choose, the Subscription Fee for the first 6 months after you join is not refundable.


Payment of Fees

4.5 Subscription Fees shall be paid in full in advance or by such other method or arrangement as the Club may decide from time to time including but not limited to monthly variable Direct Debit.

4.6 In the event of the failure of any payment by a Member by variable Direct Debit the Club reserves the right (exercisable in addition to any other rights reserved in the Rules) to levy in respect of each such failure an administration charge. The current charge is £15 but may vary from time to time at the discretion of the Club.

4.7 Notice will be given by the Club from time to time of the current tariff for all categories of membership and other session fees and services and will be displayed on a Noticeboard within the Club or be available upon application. Joining Fees and Subscription Fees are not refundable in any circumstances unless an express condition of use.

4.8 The Club reserves the right to:

(a) charge different fees for different categories of Membership and

(b) vary the fee payable in respect of each category of Membership

(c) charge a nominal amount should the club be closed for any reason



5.1 On application, a member will be provided with a membership key or similar, which shall remain the property of the Club and which in so far as practicable, a Member should carry it all times whilst on the Club premises. If requested to do so by an authorised official of the Club a Member must produce their Technogym Key or similar.

5.2 The Club reserves the right to levy an administration charge for the issue to a Member of a replacement Technogym Key. The current such charge is £15, but this may vary from time to time at the absolute discretion of the Club.

5.3 upon termination of Membership the Technogym Wellness Key must on demand be returned to the Club. Failure to do so will result in an additional charge of £15 being levy to the Member.



6.1 Change to a membership category is only available at the point of renewal or at the discretion of the Club.

6.2 Members wishing to change their membership category may be charged an administration fee.



7.1 The Club may, at its absolute discretion from time to time promote a Corporate Membership Scheme under which organisations (whether a company, a partnership or an unincorporated association) may sponsor five or more of their staff (provided otherwise eligible for Annual Membership) as single Annual Members (“the Scheme”). Details about the Scheme and its operation shall be provided upon request. The Club and the relevant organisations shall enter into a separate agreement in relation to the operation of the Scheme.

7.2 Unless otherwise specifically agreed, a sponsor organisation belonging to the Scheme shall be responsible for the Joining Fee and Subscription Fees of its nominated Members.

7.3 Each person sponsored under the Scheme shall apply for Membership of the Club in the normal way and if accepted as a Member of the Club shall be subject to and shall abide by the Club rules at all times.

7.4 In the event that an organisation ceases to be part of the Scheme all the rights of the members accruing under the Scheme in such circumstances will automatically be subject to the current full subscription Fees.

7.5 For a Corporate Membership Scheme to remain valid it must continulously have five live members, otherwise Rule 8.4 will be invoked.



8.1 Members may apply for the temporary suspension of their membership for a minimum period of one month but not more than three months. Suspensions will only be accepted for illness or injury and proof needs to be provided to be eligable. This suspension is at the discretion of the Club management and a suspension fee will be levied per calendar month. The remainder of the membership commitment must still be honoured once the suspension period is over. One months notice is required for all suspensions.



10.1 Membership is fixed for the agreed initial period; thereafter any members wishing to resign may do so by giving one calendar months notice in writing prior to the 1st on the Membership Cancellation Form.  The member giving notice must continue to pay the subscription fees during the notice period and shall:

(a) not be entitled to any refund of his or her Annual Subscription Fee and

(b) be liable to pay forthwith such part of the Annual Subscription Fee for the then current year of membership that shall be unpaid

(c) spend any e-wallet funds in their account prior to the cancellation date.


10.2 Any member who:

(a) fails to pay his or her Annual Subscription Fee or give an appropriate variable Direct Debit within one month of his or her joining or the date of renewal of his or her membership or

(b) ceases to pay his or her monthly variable Direct Debit will be sent one written warning by the Club requesting payment and if 14 days after such warning the outstanding Subscription Fee has not been paid the Membership may be cancelled at the absolute discretion of the Club and all outstanding Annual Subscription Fees for the whole of the Members current membership year shall be forthwith due and payable.

(c) fails to make a direct debit payment three times within a 12 month period


10.3 The Club reserves the right to refuse admission and/ or suspend and/ or expel any Member forthwith if:

(a) In the opinion of the Club the Member is persistently in breach of the Rules or commits a single material breach of the rules

(b) If a member is committed of any sexual, drugs related or other serious offence

(c) The conduct of the Member might, in the reasonable opinion of the club, be injurious to the character, its staff or other interests of the club  or the safety and enjoyment of the Membership or would otherwise render such Member unfit to associate with fellow Members.

(d) The first Direct Debit of a new membership fails to be paid.

10.4 A Member expelled forfeits all the privileges of Membership without claim for any refund of all or any part of their Joining Fee or Subscription.

10.5 All monies held in your e-wallet must be spent prior to your termination date and cannot be transferred or refunded under any circumstances.



11.1 Any Member may bring a Guest (of 18 years or more and not in contravention of Rule 11.4) to the Club. Each Guest (“Guest Member”) must:

(a) complete a Guest Member registration and be issued with a Guest Pass against payment of the valid guest fee

(b) be accompanied at all times by the Member who has brought them to the Club and shall be responsible for their conduct

(c) not visit the club, other than as a social guest, at any member’s invitation more than six times in any calendar year.

11.2 A social guest may only use the cafe bar, the spa, or third party therapy facilities at the Club. A Member is permitted a maximum of three guests (including social guests) at any one time

11.3 The Rules apply equally to Members and their Guest Members. Members have a duty to ensure that each of their Guests are aware of the Rules and should draw particular attention to the Rules in so far as they affect matters of health and safety and the use of equipment.

11.4 The following may not be admitted as Guest Members or Social Guests:

(a) former Members who have been expelled

(b) persons who have applied for Membership and have been rejected

(c) members under suspension and

(d) such other persons as the Club in its absolute discretion may decide from time to time

(e) the club is too busy and admittance poses a risk to the health and safety of our Members

11.5 The Club reserves the right to refuse any person to be admitted as a Guest to the Club.



12.1 Club opening and closing times will be at the discretion of the Club and may be changed at any time. Opening times on Bank and National Holidays will vary and all of these opening and closing times will be advertised within the club at prominent locations and on our website.

12.2 A Member is entitled to use the facilities of the Club provided that the Club may at any time and without penalty withdraw all or part of the Club’s facilities for any period for cleaning, repair, alteration or maintenance works or for any other reason which the Club may deem appropriate.



13.1 Members and their guests are particularly advised not to undertake exercise if they are not medically authorised to do so. Members and guests who have contraindications or reservations about their readiness to exercise are advised to have a medical check-up before embarking on any exercise at the Club. All members must ensure that their guests sign the appropriate disclaimer before using any of the exercise or leisure facilities at the Club. The Club reserves the right to prevent any Member or Guest from using any of the exercise or leisure activities at the Club and in doing so shall not be required to provide any explanation for taking any such action.

13.2 No one under the age of 18 years is permitted in the Club unless on a membership tour with a parent/ guardian or participating in a supervised or instructed activity, which the club may from time to time provide

13.3 Any child under the age of 18 yrs must enter the Club in the company of an adult member who will remain on the Club premises for as long as the child so remains and who will be responsible for the child’s conduct. The Club reserves the right to vary such rights as the Club in its absolute discretion may determine.

13.4 The Club is not to be held responsible for any facility or equipment not being available for whatever reason and reserves the right to make alterations to the Club’s facilities without being responsible for any loss suffered as a result of such alterations.



14.1 All Members must complete a health questionnaire and basic supervised instruction session before using the gymnasium. A complete induction for all prescribed equipment will be provided to all new members on joining the Club.

14.2 All weights must be replaced after use

14.3 No one under the age of 18 shall be permitted to use the gymnasium unless in a supervised, pre-arranged class organised by the Club

14.4 Access to the physical training and gymnasium equipment may be limited in the event of classes or pre-organised sessions. Details of these sessions will be on the studio timetable and Club noticeboards

14.5 In the interests of hygiene and courtesy to other members, sweat towels must be used at all times.



15.1 No person is permitted to join a class after it has begun

15.2 As a matter of etiquette Members must be courteous to the other Members exercising around them and must do only those exercises that the instructor and participants are performing

15.3 In the case of pre-booked classes a Member will be subject to a cancellation charge for inconvenience to the Club and fellow Members who may have wished to join the class if notice of the cancellations is not given by the Member at least 4 hours before the class



16.1 All Members must adhere to the dress code and behaviour rules as specified at the pool. Failure to do so will result in a Member and or his/her Guest being asked to the leave the Pool and the Club facilities.

16.2 The Club reserves the right to close the Pool at any time due to maintenance faults that may arise

16.3 Members with a contagious or infectious condition may not use these facilities

16.4 Members must showers before using the Pool

16.5 The Pool can be programmed at certain times for activities such as lessons and classes



17.1 Members cancelling their bookings outside of four hours from the booking will not be charged a cancellation fee

17.2 The Club reserves the right to book the courts for tournaments, competitions and other social activities

17.3 Members must wear the correct clothing and non-marking shoes on indoor courts. Shirts must be worn at all times.

17.4 Members start and finish their booking promptly



18.1 No one under the age of 18 are permitted to use these facilities

18.2 Pregnant women are strongly advise not to use the heat experiences, sunbeds or spa pool

18.3 Members with contagious or infectious condition are not permitted to use these facilities

18.4 Members must shower before using these facilities and in between the heat experiences and the spa

18.5 Members must sit on a towel in the sauna and no shaving is permitted in any of these areas

18.6 No food, drinking glasses, bottles or newspapers are to be taken into or consumed in these areas

18.7 Sufferers of high blood pressure or cardiac irregularity must not use these areas and all users should seek medical advice before using these facilities



19.1 All sunbed users must be over 18 and ensure that they familiarise themselves with the sunbeds, informations and safety notices before using the facilities

19.2 Goggles must be worn at all times during the use of the sunbed

19.3 The Member or Guest must complete a registration form and must be aware of the safety guidelines associated with sunbed use

19.4 The sunbed must be cleaned before and after use using the cleaning materials provided



20.1 Members are required to adhere to a dress code in the Cafe Bar area. Tracksuits and other suitable attire is permitted but Members should not sit in the cafe bar in their training gear immediately after exercising

20.2 Members are required to comply with any notice posted in the cafe bar containing restrictions relating to the Club’s liquor licence or the Club’s own serving restrictions.

20.3 No alcohol shall be consumed by persons under the age of 18

20.4 Members and Guest are not allowed to consume their own food on the premises or outdoor areas.



21.1 Members are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times when using locker rooms

21.2 Foul, lewd, inappropriate or abusive behavior will be dealt with under bye law 10



22.1 For security reasons Members are advised to store personal belongings in the lockers provided

22.2 Lockers are provided on a daily basis only and items left overnight will be removed and dealt with as lost property as detailed in bye-law 27

22.3 The attention of the Members drawn to bye laws 27 and 28 below



23 Smoking is not allowed in or on the club grounds at any time



24.1 All members are asked to wear a form of dress appropriate to the surroundings

24.2 Members will, on all occasions, be expected to be presentably attired when entering the Club and may be refused admission, asked to leave or change once admitted, if in the opinion of the Club they are not suitably attired

24.3 Members are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner. In keeping with the image of the club Club and its Members and not to behave in an anti-social, disruptive or abusive manner

24.4 When exercising Members must have a sweat towel, shoes and appropriate clothing for exercising.



25.1 In the interests of safety and hygiene no crockery or drinking glasses are allowed in the changing rooms, swimming pool, fitness and dance studios, the hydropool, sauna and therapy rooms

25.2 With the exception of guide dogs, no animals are allowed in the club

25.3 Other than in the event of a fire or other emergency, entry is only permitted through the Club main reception. The Fire Exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interests of safety and Members must not interfere or hinder their operation in any way. The Club reserves the right to levy an administration charge in the event of the misuse of any of the Fire Exits, fire alarms and other security systems which shall include, but not be limited to resetting such systems and any third party costs incurred directly arising from such misuse.

25.4 In the event of a fire Members are asked to make their way in an orderly fashion to the nearest available exit. Members are asked to read and familiarise themselves with the notices regarding emergency plans and to abide by the fire procedure which will be displayed on a club notice board

25.5 Cars parked in the spaces allocated must be parked areas only and must not block service roads or emergency exits. Vehicles may not be parked or left at the Club overnight except with the prior permission of the Club Management.  The Club is not responsible for any loss or damage, however caused, to vehicles whilst parked at the Club.

25.6 Special bays have been allocated for the exclusive use disabled Members and Guests. Able Bodied Members using these spaces will be charged a fee for doing so with all proceeds going to our nominated Charity.



All lost property found at the Club should be handed into main reception. All items will be stored for two weeks and will then be disposed of



27.1 Other than the lockers provided by the Club in which property is stored entirely at the owner’s risk and for which no liability for loss or damage will be accepted by the Club, the Club is unable to store or secure any property for Members and no member of staff or any third party is authorised to offer any such services or provide security therefore. The Club will accept no responsibility for, or liability for, loss or damage to money, valuables or other personal property of Members of the club and their children or any other person (all of whom shall for the purposes of this paragraph be referred as “Club Users”)

27.2 Vehicles, bicycles and such like are parked or left entirely at the owners own risk

27.3 Any Club User who suffers or witnesses an accident on the premises or in the Club grounds must report the accident and the circumstances under which it occurred to the General Manager or the Duty Manager as soon as possible following the accident

27.4 Any Club User who in any way makes use of or accepts the use of any apparatus, facility, privilege or service of the Club or who engages in any games, exercise, competition or other activity operated, organised, arranged, or sponsored by the Club shall do so entirely at their own risk and shall hold the Club and the company harmless from any and all loss, cost injury, damage or other liability sustained there from and/ or resulting from any act of such officer of the Club save where any such liability cannot be excluded by law



28.1 No food or drink, alcoholic or otherwise may be brought into and consumed within the Club or its grounds

28.2 A copy of the Club Rules is available online for inspection by Members. Members must comply with any reasonable directions which the Club may give to ensure that the smooth and safe operation of the Club, the facilities and the convenience of all Members. All complaints concerning any matter related to the operation of the Club should be made in the first instance the Duty Manager or Club Director.

28.3 No illegal betting or gaming, drunkenness, bad language, lewd or other misconduct is permitted on the Club’s premises



These Rules and Bye Laws are subject to amendment by the Club at any time. This edition of Rules and Bye Laws was issued on 1st October 2023.